Mia & BO

Mia &  BO

A preschool comedy starring Mia, a budding 7-year-old scientist who lives in an urban animal preserve, and her funniest invention yet, a robot named BO (short for “battery operated”). Mia loves and cares for the animals that surround her, but sometimes she needs a little more “human” companionship. So she builds and programs BO. Bo wants to become human, like his idol Mia. But learning to be a kid is tricky!

Fortunately, he has lots of friends to show him how to be human.

         Unfortunately, they’re all animals!

Watch, laugh and learn as BO tries out the silly advice he gets from his wacky gaggle of friends. Does a ‘sleepover’ mean hanging upside down like a bat or over your bed? Can an elephant teach table manners? Do kids dance like emus? Part Pinocchio, part Tarzan, part Wall-E, BO will try anything to complete his mission. And when he does, the results are incongruous, disastrous…and always hilarious!


  • Project: Animated Comedy
  • Pre-production
  • Educational Animated Comedy
  • Demographic: Pre-K