Rock — Unplugged and Painfully Acoustic

Jason Rock the most famous face on the planet, was a modern, fully “plugged in” 21st Century pop star. Then one day…POW! That all changed when a lightning bolt struck his guitar. It caused him to play a weird tone that ripped a hole in the universe, flinging him back in time. Way, way back to the Stone Age. All he’s got is his electric guitar…in a world where it doesn’t get any more “unplugged”! Rock finds himself up against club-carrying cavemen, mischievous mystical beasts, and an audience of only one—Rain, a brave and beautiful cave girl who is truly the world’s first artist. Together, they form the world’s first rock band…to chase lightning storms…and play just the right note…to hopefully transport Rock home.


  • Project: Animated Comedy Series
  • Production
  • Episodes: 52 ~ 11 mins length
  • Demographic: 6-12 Kids