Xoosh The X-Fighters, an underground network of crime fighting kids, are struggling to keep peace on the streets. Their mission: to protect Earth from the evil clutches of the Raker. A teenager and formidable foe, the Raker can take on monstrous forms from a gigantic rock called Earthquaker to an icy Glaciallis… They recruit Max, a fatherless 13-year old boy, whom they believe is their only saviour. Why? Because he possesses The Xoosh!Part smartphone, part light saber, part digital Swiss Army knife, The Xoosh is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. But can it really defeat the Raker? With the help of his friends – the beautiful popstar Devyn, goofy Taggart and brainy Mia – Max takes on the challenge but he also needs your help! Max invites real world kids from all over the world to join the X-Fighters! Using mobile apps, they can actively participate in a Transmedia story and fight fierce battles against the evil, shape-shifting Raker. Through game play, they become heroes, save the day and feel empowered to make a difference. Join Max on his adventures and join the X-fighters on www.xoosh.net!

  • Project: Animated Sci-Fi Adventure Pilot
  • Launch: Pilot
  • Demographic: 11-14 Teens
  • View: http://www.xoosh.net